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Interview on "Pink Opal" by Selina Wells

Questions by Heather Zeni:

H: In regards to “Pink Opal”, how did you come to this topic in relation to our monthly theme of renewal?

S: When I purchased the crystal before writing the post, I was given a paper to tell me its properties and how I can utilize it in my journey. Upon reading the card, I noticed the word “renewal” on it. I knew right away it was meant to help me write. I had to sit and stew on this month’s theme, because like everyone this month, it was a hard concept to grasp. What did the word even mean? What did renewal look like in my life? Having the crystal in my possession, I was able to see that renewal was already there and has been many times throughout my life.

H: I loved the opening of your blog. It really painted a picture of what you were experiencing as you walked into what was more than just a store, it was a life defining moment. How would you say walking into this one store has shaped you in your current life?

S: It has helped me tremendously. I was struggling with the idea of faith and what it meant to me. Honestly for years, I was angry at God. I never aligned myself with religion or being religious. I always told people, “oh, I don’t believe in religion, I lean more towards spirituality.” I didn’t know what that truly meant when I was younger, I mean I was a kid barely in my teens. How did I truly know? Always, I talked to God or the universe (whatever you're comfortable with) and asked for signs for whatever trouble I was going through at the time. Walking into that store, finding like-minded people, and understanding what spirituality looked like for me has changed me for the better. I’m no longer struggling with myself, and I’m learning to not be so angry with God.

H: What are a few of your favorite stones? And why?

S: Hm, this is a hard question. I’m always drawn to the pretty sparkly ones (blue goldstone looking at you) or the ones that have some pink (Rhodochrosite).But I’d have to say the ones I always pick back up are clear quartz, titanium aura, and blue calcite. I have three necklaces with these stones and rotate occasionally between them. I like what these stones represent for me that day, whether I need emotional healing, strength, or to lessen my anxiety. I can go on and on about all of the stones I learned over the years, but we would be here forever.

H: Under the heading of “Growth Happens” you tell us about how you’ve learned to remain open to growth. I always say healing is like peeling an onion. So many layers, and with each new layer our eyes water a little more. Where would you say you are in your healing journey?

S: I’d say I'm close to the middle of the onion. I know there are still many layers to get there, but I’m getting much closer. I started my healing journey in 2016 and I still consider myself in the walking stages of my journey. I know there are many times I have fallen off my growth, but when I come back to it, I realize I’m a lot farther than I used to be. It could be time, or it could just be getting older and growing up.

H: What self-acceptance practices seem to serve you best?

S: Changing your narrative. I have been to different classes, listened to podcasts, and read many tips on how to accept you for who you are now. The LYF has some good talks on changing your narrative and it just shows me that I’m on the right path. The way we talk to ourselves just damages us further and further until we can’t remember who is looking back at us in the mirror. I show everyone around me the love and peace I wished others had shown me in return. Treat others the way you want to be treated, right? I had to look within and realize I shouldn’t expect others to be like me and treat me with the same respect. I had to show myself that first.

H: What was your favorite part to write about in this blog and why?

S: Ah, this one is a bit hard for me. I loved writing the beginning of the post and writing Growth Happens. The beginning of the post, because I got to write it as if I was one of the characters I write in my stories. Growth Happens because it was therapeutic for me as I was internally thinking back on my journey.

H: And finally, what are you up to and where can our audience find you?

S: You can find me here, at LYF, every month and on Instagram @mrs.swells. Also, I created a writers Instagram account @thatgirl_selinas which will have all my new work.

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