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Interview on "Healing with Intention: Anxiety" with Heather Zeni

P: As always, you’ve introduced the theme of the month beautifully in this post on anxiety and intention setting. When you hear the word “intention” what do you think of? What does it mean to you?

H: To me "intention" means giving purpose or meaning to something by creating motion energetically.

P: You talk about the shame that can come with seeking medication to help with mental illness, something that a lot of people struggle with. How did you overcome this shame and what advice do you have for people who are currently struggling with this?

H: My advice is quite simple: be proud of yourself for choosing to seek help via resources that are available. Consider yourself a warrior for fighting for your own sanity, you're fighting the good fight. The sooner you appreciate that, the sooner the fight fades.

P: You mention some of the tools you used to deal with your anxiety off of medication (meditation, list-making, etc.). Do you have a favorite or does one of these tools stand out from the rest as being particularly effective when coping with anxiety?

H: Yes! Intention setting mixed together with color therapy (I think if this as color intention) works wonders! List making is right behind that, and in all outlets we must BREATHE and drink water.

P: Where did you first learn about chromatherapy and why did this form of intention-setting stick so strongly for you?

H: I've always loved all colors, but it wasn't until I became certified in Crystal Light Therapy that I discovered the real deal therapy of them. I'd learned and incorporated color into my massage therapy practice after learning of the chakra system, but when I dove deeper into crystal work—I was introduced to color therapy on an expanded level.

P: You used to use red-painted toenails as a way to ground yourself away from anxiety. Why did you choose the color red and what does it symbolize?

H: The color red represents the Root Chakra. The root helps us to maintain balance in grounding and feeling safe in all areas of our lives. Usually where anxiety dwells, fear may be nearby, so my intention was to remind myself daily that "I am safe."

P: Is there a color you’ve been favoring lately in your practice of chromatherapy?

H: Red! Hahaha and yellow, as I'm back at work and needing that boost of confidence.

P: And finally, what are you up to these days and where can our audience find you?

H: You can always find my words on the LYF blog! Mostly, these days I'm surrounded in groups of children (work and home) and loving every second of it.

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