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Spring - Shining Light on Growth; Cleansing

Spring. Fresh breezes, open windows, fragrant blossoms. The green returns along with the light; the days become brighter — literally and figuratively. The first day of Spring has always been my favorite day of the year. It brings a sense of newness to the faded out shade of Winter. Slowly, pops of color surprise us; sneaking up with cheerfulness onto the palette left behind from the previous season.

I grew up in West Virginia. The winters there can be brutal if you tend to gravitate toward sunshine, and while there is an abundance of gratitude to be found in snow covered hills — the clouds can do a number on your mental health. Maybe this is why I’ve always been drawn to Spring? My love for it almost feels like a fairytale at times: “...Spring swooped in and all the flowers bloomed. Gifting me the sun - wrapped up with a bow made of clover. Rebirthing my spirit. I was new again; me again…” Setting the love-affair aside, I’ve developed many traditions over the years in celebration of this beautiful season. Every Winter, I countdown the days until I can rejoin with my beloved Spring. What new perspectives did I gain this past year? (especially this past year, amiright?!) Can I open the windows to let fresh love in? What areas of my mind, and heart are collecting dust? Am I ready to breathe in the new and exhale the old?

And the cobwebs - cleaning the cobwebs can be the most beautiful unfolding.

Let the Light Back In

Crawling from the depths of our winter slumber - we rise with the sun and begin our Springtime transformation … too much? Ok - let’s start with opening our eyes; expanding our hearts. When we give ourselves grace — we go farther. When we recognize our imperfections, as perfect — we free ourselves. When we open our eyes to self-healing — we grow (and sometimes outgrow) into change. Beautiful change. So, let’s get to it. Let’s clean up. Let’s join together in shaking off the dust, and calling in the lavender. Open the blinds - we’re going to let the light back in. In our homes we can go from small spaces and expand out into larger spaces. We “declutter” and release items that no longer bring us joy. As we declutter, we will ultimately run into a few items that throw us for a loop: A flower petal from a long lost love. Holding it in your hand, you recall the moment in time that that petal came into your existence; the way your heart felt warm in the moment, the connection that was formed between you and another. That energy may still remain and remind you of all things beautiful. If that’s the case — save it! Make the “let go choices” based on how light or heavy the emotion attached to it is. Did the relationship end in peace? Or did it end in sadness, anger, or jealousy? Whichever the case, pay attention to the memory it brings - hold space for the memory, feel the memory — and also notice that you don’t need the petal to keep that memory. This is a time that you could make space in your home by releasing one single item — while still holding onto the energetic time stamp, if it uplifts you. On the contrary — if the item is embroidered with threads of heaviness — consider releasing it. When we release the old - we make space for new. Period. Cleansing your space is a beautiful practice to do on the daily. Cleansing, as opposed to cleaning, is more of an energetic tidy up. Cleanse your home, your car, your person, your dog, your crystals, your books - CLEANSE IT ALL!! Some folks light sage or burn incense - some people chant or sprinkle holy water. The beautiful thing about “calling in the magic” — is that the magic is for you to create. I’ll throw out a few suggestions of ways to cleanse your space, but ultimately — you decide what works best for you!

  1. Begin by cracking windows in each room, as well as opening closets and cupboards.

  2. Start at your front door and begin with a blessing. (ex: may all who enter this space be filled with harmony, peace, and bright blessings.)

  3. Light some sage (I use loose sage in a shell, and direct the smoke with a feather; utilizing the elements. Any sage will do long as it’s ethically sourced.)

  4. Going counterclockwise, go room to room throughout your house, lifting the smoke into the corners, until you return back to the front door.

  5. I will then follow the same path, tapping my Quartz crystal wands - breaking up those positive ions. (Any quartz pieces will do, for this.)

  6. Returning back to the front door, I’ll light a stick of (ethically sourced) Palo Santo or Sweetgrass and go the opposite direction — clockwise! Calling in the good, until I return again to the front door.

If smoke isn’t your jam — feel free to check out liquid sage, rose water, salt bowls, selenite, or the many other ways to cleanse spaces. (psst - you can create sacred baths too, to really soak in the magic!!)

Peeling the onion…

In our hearts, our energetic hearts, there is an unseeable depth. It travels into spaces we’ve forgotten —- spaces we’ve muted in an attempt to protect ourselves. It can also lay on one's sleeve — ready to share and love unconditionally. The center of our energetic system — the center of the world; making space in our hearts is no small task. It takes an understanding that you must be willing to do the work.

The work? -- to heal.

Is it always pretty? Hell no. Honestly — it’s often an ugly, snot-filled, sobbing, heart-wrenching AWAKENING. This is a service of the heart — one that will serve, not only you — but everyone around you; creating a ripple effect. When you heal your heart, you honestly help to heal the world. So, how do you begin this work? To start, sit down and breathe…

Heart-healing Exercise:

  • Get comfy, and find your natural breath. Relax into it.

  • Set the intention to let your thinking mind fall to the wayside. (when thoughts sneak in, bring your awareness back to your breath. I’m no fool — I know this takes practice, give yourself grace.)

  • Place your hands on your stomach and take 3 big deep breaths into your belly. Feel the rise and fall of your breath in your stomach.

  • Place your hands on your heart and take 3 big deep breaths into your lungs. Feel the rise and fall of your breath in your lungs.

  • Rest back into your natural breath.

  • Imagine a white light coming down into the top of your head (crown), traveling down to your forehead, your face, arms, throat, — resting at your heart. Let that light permeate your heart. Bringing connection.

  • Now see a vibrant red color, coming from the Earth - traveling up into the soles of your feet. Let this deep rose color flow up your legs, abdomen, and again — resting at your heart center. Bringing grounding.

  • Begin to lightly tap on your chest (heart center) repeating the mantra: “I will unconditionally love myself. I forgive myself. I open my heart to healing.” Repeat this action for a few moments, taking deep breaths throughout.

  • When you are ready — I want you to imagine yourself in your safest of spaces. Pay attention to the sounds, the smells, and all the sights while you rest in your daydream. Settle in here, you are Divinely protected.

  • Next, you will say, in your minds-eye: “I now open my heart to allow those in that want to help my heart to heal.” You’ll be surprised at who shows up. Most are people who have hurt you at one point in your life.

  • There is no judgment in sacred spaces. Whoever pops up in your mind, wants to be there. However, you are in control — if someone pops in that you’re not ready to receive - simply show them the door.

  • When you feel ready — choose a “person” to start with. Allow that person to approach you. Eye to eye — heart to heart; I need you to allow yourself to SEE their Divine light. (imagine them as a baby if that helps. Oftentimes, people who have hurt us are merely products of their own unhealed trauma — creating a cycle. We break the cycle when we allow ourselves to heal.)

  • Allow this soul to apologize to you. I want you to FEEL the apology. (I promise you that their divine heart never meant to hurt you.)

  • You will now have the opportunity to either forgive them or not. Embrace, or not. This is for you to decide. No one can tell you when it’s time to “let go” of something. Your heart will know when it’s ready to release that energy. (consider this a gentle reminder that releasing old makes room for new)

  • You will carry on traveling through the circle; holding space for each soul that shows up. You may be surprised to find that sometimes - folks will pop in that YOU may need to apologize to. (this includes forgiving yourself … *wink wink*)

It’s a beautiful “unlearning” of sorts. An unlearning that can take weeks, months or even years. “Peeling the onion” — as they say … layers and layers of tears, unlearning the heartache that you’ve trudged through. Growing through what you’ve gone through.

In our minds we get stuck. Stuck in our thoughts. Stuck in our preconceived ideas. Stuck on work, on family, on deadlines, and all of the “blah, blah, blah’s” that fill each day. What a dream it would be to just empty our thoughts out each day — let them float away with the wind. Yep — I’m going to say it ... Journaling. You’ve heard it one thousand times before. Consider this yet another nudge to get you to actually do it. But I’m going to kick it up a notch! Write down “all the things” then — BURN THEM! Watch as they turn to ash — symbolizing the good riddance.

Another great symbolic way of releasing what’s on your mind is to:

  • Travel to a creek (or anywhere that water flows).

  • Find a few fallen leaves.

  • One leaf at a time — hold the leaf, putting the thoughts you want to release into it.

  • Place the leaf into the water and watch as it floats off.

The beautiful thing about this particular practice? You can do it in your imagination as well. <wink>

Now, before I go — the cobwebs!

As you finish up reading this piece, I ask you to consider thinking about what areas in your life might there be cobwebs? You know — the telltale sign of things forgotten? Maybe it’s your love of dance? Or how you always loved painting as a child. It could be a collection of books, waiting to be read, or that fiddle you never learned to play. Remember when you told yourself that you’d never lose sight of what you loved? Look yourself in the eye — and keep that promise.

Go ahead - give yourself permission to jump right in — what will you discover when you stop ignoring what ignites your soul? Wipe away the cobwebs - what’s underneath?

About the Author:

Born and raised in West Virginia, you'll find Heather's heart outlined in the Appalachian mountains. She has strong passions for writing, healing, and music. She has spent much of her life spreading the message of ‘loving without conditions, all the while kicking up dirt - barefoot and dancing. While she has been an Energy Worker for over 15 years, a self-published author, and a business owner - Heather's truest love lies in being a mother...her continuous reminder of unconditional love and heartfelt laughter.

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