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Dear Past Self, I forgive you - Written Interview with Kennedy Hunter

Questions by Charlene Gonzales

Here’s the original post.

Charlene: Hi Kennedy! I enjoyed reading your blog and it is very uplifting and we all can relate to being gentle with and learning to forgive ourselves. Your recent blog expressed the importance of forgiving yourself.

Kennedy: Hi Charlene! Thank you so much for interviewing me, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading my post! I believe that we all deserve to forgive ourselves, and you’re right about how important of a topic it is!

C: First, I wanted to ask, how did you come up with this topic?

K: When it comes to what inspired me to write about the topic of forgiveness, I immediately thought about my partner. Before I started writing this post, we had recently had a talk about how I have trouble forgiving myself. Because of that, I have not been able to properly heal from the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I also thought about how forgiving yourself isn’t a topic that is talked about a lot, and I wanted to bring light to it.

C: What do you want our audience to learn/What do you hope the audience feels when they read this?

K: I want to let my audience know that it is okay to struggle with forgiving yourself. It takes a lot of mental strength to say that you forgive yourself and to actually believe it. It is a lot easier to just sit in your negative emotions and dwell on how much of a bad person you are over one simple mistake, but that is not how you are going to feel better about yourself. I want our audience to know that it is okay to feel awkward during the process of forgiving yourself, but in the end, you will feel so much better about yourself.

C: You mentioned forgiveness does not happen overnight and it takes process and patience. I loved this part because self-forgiveness is something I struggle with as well. For you, what are some ways you would encourage someone who is struggling to find a path to forgive themselves?

K: I would tell them that it is okay to not be perfect. Even the smartest people in the world make mistakes. We are only human. I would also tell them that their mistakes do not define who they are and that they should not solely be defined by their actions. Then, like you mentioned, I would say that forgiveness is a long process that won’t be achieved overnight, so it’s okay if it is a bit difficult at first.

C: Overall, I love your blog post and the theme you put. I think this is really unique and I’m really curious about the blog cover you created. Can you tell me more about the details you put on your cover blog?

K: I’m so glad that you liked my blog cover! The inspiration came from the fact that whenever I make a mistake, I tend to always drown myself in my emotions. I wanted to actually visualize this metaphor, so I chose to have a woman laying in a pool of liquid. The fact that the woman is almost on the surface and not drowning in the liquid shows my progress of forgiveness. The carton of milk titled “My Emotions” is basically a visual representation of how I often spill my emotions whenever I am overwhelmed and upset. If you look closely on the side of the carton, it shows all the different emotions I feel whenever I make a mistake and hurt someone. Thus, the complete visual is me finally choosing to not drown in my emotions by forgiving myself for what I’ve done.

C: That is all for now! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experiences. LYF is really lucky to have you! Where can our lovely friends find you? Also, what will you be working on next?

K: Of course! Thank you so much for interviewing me! My friends can find my other blog posts on our website. They can also find me on Instagram @kennedyyymh as well. As for what I’ll be working on next, I will be working on marketing content for the LYF Instagram page, and I also look forward to writing more blog posts in the future!


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