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Interview on "You are Supported" by Heather Zeni

Questions by Perri McGillivray

P: This was another great introduction to the LYF theme of the month - support. Can you tell me a little more about what “support” means to you?

H: Support can mean so many things. I suppose support to me can equate to love? I feel loved if I’m being supported and that can come in many different formats.

P: You talk about your struggles as a high schooler and finding the motivation to go to school, something that I really resonated with. Do you have any advice for students in similar situations? What would you like people who struggled in public school like you did to know?

H: I LOVE this question! I think I’d mostly want them to know that they’re not “bad” or “wrong” or “failing”. Everyone learns differently. Public school can be brutal if the teachers don’t acknowledge that and work with you to find your path. I think if you can do your best to be honest with your care-giver from a non defensive place, you’ll have a better chance at helping them, help you. If that’s not an option for you, as I know not all parents/care-givers are receptive, I ask you to speak to your school counselor! They’re there to help you! Oh, and one more are perfect just the way you are. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself.

P: If you were to reach out to your teacher from “Adventure High School” what would you say to him or like him to know?

H: I have!! I chatted with many times since then! I wish the world could know him… he truly is a gift and I’ve made sure to let him know the immense gratitude I have for him!

P: What advice do you have for people looking to stop “teeter-tottering” through life? What benefits have you found through practicing decisive action?

H: So many things have come to light since I’ve made the decision to decide. I think when we teeter-totter we create anxiety within ourselves that can be eliminated if we’d do our best to get clear on what we want for our lives. What do you want in broader terms--then base the immediate needed decisions on working toward that.

P: Congratulations on your new job! How has your new work-life balance been treating you? Have you faced any challenges in supporting yourself since starting a 4-day work week?

H: Well, turns out I’m still waiting to begin. Haha Hopefully next week I’ll get to update you on this.

P: If you don’t mind sharing, what are some of your go-to places or people that you seek support from?

H: My husband, my sister, my mama, and my best friends. Also… my cat.

P: And finally, what are you up to lately and where can our audience find you?

H: I’m doing the things!! And folks can find me here! ;)

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