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Gratitude Journaling

Is the following scenario a regular occurrence for you or perhaps for someone you know? Visualize yourself getting home after a long day at work. Immediately you start to reflect on your day, and you begin to have the urge to share all the things that went wrong in the day. Though this act is quite therapeutic, what if we attempt to flip the script and start listing all the ways we are grateful? When I first heard of this concept, I was blown away, I remember thinking to myself, “Is it really ok to be grateful, even when everything seems to be going wrong?” The answer is YES. Often we are convinced into thinking that when things are going ‘wrong,’ everything is going to hell. What if that ‘wrong’ turn led you to the ‘right’ course in your life? When you start to think of life through this lens, you begin to see that life isn’t happening to you, life is happening in response to your actions and inactions.

This concept was first introduced to me by my dear friend, Kelly Bennett. This wonderful human being introduced me to Manifest Journaling. Little did I know, this positive hobby would transform my life completely. Kelly has mastered the ideal method on counting your blessings everyday, along with utilizing your energy to create things you are proud of in your life. This practice is incredibly powerful because you are able transcribe the visions and dreams you have for your life. It also creates the space to start new positive habits in your life. I have been Manifest Journaling for over a year now and counting my blessings has truly allowed me to see how beautiful it is to be alive. It may sound silly at first, but simply being grateful to wake up every morning has the capacity to transform your world.

By practicing gratitude, you begin to realize all the things we often take for granted. There are many people in the world that do not have the basics: water, shelter, and food. Another thing that often gets overlooked is our bodies. What if we took time every day to appreciate our bodies? Society is constantly telling us why we aren’t beautiful, but we all are! Our bodies do so much for us; it is time we give it some loving energy back. Practicing gratitude holds the power to transform your inner world and the rest of the world. After reading this post, I challenge you all to share Manifest Journaling with a loved one. Go out there and spread the love that you are!!! Catch Kelly’s full video tutorial on starting your own Manifest Journal by watching the video above !

- Monica <3


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