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Interview on “E3 and Me: Refreshing a Passion” by Leonard Brattoli

Questions by Heather Zeni

Here’s the original post

H: What does the word “refresh” mean to you? How does that meaning relate to this piece?

L: The word refresh, to me, means gaining a new perspective on something that is already a part of your life. When tasked with writing about refresh, I thought about my relationship with gaming, which has played a significant role in my academics and writing experience, and wanted to discuss how it changed throughout my life.

H: Tell us what it looked like to you daydreaming of becoming a professional game developer?

L: I used to think about all the kinds of things that I could do with video games. Like how I would make it look and sound, how it would play, what kind of story it would tell, et cetera. It wasn’t simple daydreaming, mind you. Like other starting game devs, I got a software called GameMaker so that I could start making things. I don’t use it too often now, but sometimes I revisit it to rekindle my passion.

H: I love that you’ve found a way to bring together two of your passions; writing and gaming. Have you thought about making this a full time gig?

L: Yes, I have. My next goal as a writer is to have my work in more places covering different topics. I would love to find a position as a professional writer on video games and related news.

H: Was there ever a time in your life that gaming fell to the wayside? If so, what parts did you miss the most?

L: To be honest, it didn’t really ever fall to the wayside. Rather it was not as fulfilling as it is now. A lot of the things I do now, like gaming online or sharing my passions with others, were not things I usually did. Over time, I learned to embrace the wider gaming community and, in a way, my own personal community that also appreciated gaming.

H: Any gaming tips you want to share with our readers?

L: Remember, video games are like any other hobby. You get out what you want from it by doing what you want. You don’t have to feel like you have to mimic someone else to fully enjoy it. Take it in stride, and enjoy the parts that you like.

H: Where can our audience find you? L: As always, you can find my posts on the Beyond Thought website and the Original Breath Builder website. And I can be found at my Instagram account, lennyoninsta72.

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