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Remembering Wonder

The sky is indigo—lighter colors deepening as they reach the space where the hillside meets the clouds. Willow trees are weeping in the most beautiful sway—their branches whispering the secrets of the wind. The forest is near—for me, it’s always near—”take a right hand turn at the dirt road and go left at the fork.” Around the bend you’ll find Firefly Field and if you run through the dandelions quick enough, it’ll seem as though each firefly is either riding on or chasing a wish. Follow the creek down to where the water falls into soft song-—barefoot and feeling each step of Earth.

I traveled back home this week. Flying away from the city lights of Las Vegas and into the green landscape of my childhood was the perfect background for this month's themeWonder. All it took was opening that airplane window and seeing the rolling hills of the forest, to send me right back into that space of imagination and curiosity. Keeping my eyes open so the teary mix of memories could find their way onto my cheeks, while at the same time wanting to close my eyes一as if that would help me materialize my memories and plop me right back into being a kid.

I’m a dreameralways have been. I’ve believed in all things magick since I was old enough to wonder about the glow of a firefly. That same wonder has stayed with me into my adulthoodseeing the world from a space of unbrokenness can be a daily challenge, but what if we all stopped for a few moments each day and pondered the beauty all around us? Could we all find that same firefly glow?

Sometimes the simplicity of slowing down and finding joy in the small things is all we have, and it’s in the hard times that we may lose some of our magicgiving into sadness, fear, heartache.

Holding on to the Daydream

How can we find time, in a world so busy, to connect to our inner child and remember what it felt like to embrace curiosity? Before the world taught you that daydreaming was for the unmotivated, what did you dream about?

I’m grateful that my daydreams have been strong enough to hold onto believing.

There’s no sense in telling me that faeries don’t existI believe, even when the world tells me that they don’t.

The image of myself with my iridescent wings spread wide, is a simple headspace for me to call upon. At any moment, I have this vision available to me and it brings me back to the space of calm and remembrance. I just close my eyes and adjust my shoulders, and there sit my wings firmly attached between my shoulder blades, ready to take flight.

“Use your wings'' is my daily mantraa reminder of my personal magic.

Tattooed in the center of my back, you’ll find the word “believe” written in my mother’s handwriting. She is the one that taught me to dream一the one who encouraged me to let no one take that away. In moments of anxiety, she’d leave me notes that say, “You love adventure. Remember thatpushing me to keep wonderment at the forefront.


I once received a healing session of Remembrance. Entering the room was like walking back in time. She had a chair adorned with pillows and blankets and bowls of oil at my feet. Candles lit and music from days-gone-by softly played in the background. She spoke in a whisperwelcoming me. She instructed me to sit in the chair and lead me into a breathing ritual. I lay my head back, relaxing into a space of softness. She massaged my feet with the oil, but it was much more than just a massage. Pouring the oil over my toes, she guided me into unseen corners of my heart. As she chanted and sang, I began to cry.

Being given a moment to openly remember, without judgement, is pure beauty. I was remembering unconditional love. I was remembering peace, and I was being asked to keep this remembrance close byalways. There was a moment in this meditative state, that I remember traveling through fields of hay, barefoot and running, toward the forest. I was laughing and playing, and free. I can still feel those same feelings that I felt during this magical session. All it took was one hour, and this tool is something I still use today to center me back into love.

I invite you to discover this space inside your own self. The space of remembering who you were, before the world told you who to be.

Getting to the Root

Getting to the root of where or how you may have misplaced your sense of wonderment, begins with healing. Oftentimes we get stuck. The idea of being at peace and finding that child-like joy can feel impossible, but with a pocket full of intention, you can do anything.

Digging down deep is not the easiest thing to do, but it is where the healing begins. There’s a chance that you’re holding onto things that you don’t even recall on the daily, and even though you may not remember it in your day-to-dayyour body can remember, your heart can remember and because of that, it shapes you. Something as simple as the first time you wanted something as a baby and you were denied it, can stay embedded. The first time that you realized that you weren’t in full control, and the emotions that come along with that realization are very real, and very valid. That one simple moment could spiral into a sea of unraveling.

Sitting in meditation and identifying these miniscule moments is how we begin to heal. It also helps give direction into starting a daily meditation practice. Once you identify the imprint, you can then give space to hear how it made that inner child feel. Anger? Sadness? Fear?

We have a tendency to make these things more complicated than they need to be.

The other night I was out with a friend and she told me that she had purchased some sage but didn’t know how to use it.

“Light it.” I said.

She followed up my response with: “Well, I googled to see what I should say before lighting it.” and I swooped in to let her know that the “extras” aren’t always necessary. Set your intention and you’re good to go.

The same goes for any self-healing work. Don’t let the image that someone else has created slow you down from creating your own sacred space. As long as you have yourself, and are eager to heal,you have all that you need.

Start at the root and give love to the hurt parts.

Wonderment is defined as “awed admiration or respect.” Each of us can find wonderment in everyday things if we open our hearts to the idea. There really is magic to be found everywhere, just ask any child, “What was the most magical part of your day?” When they answer, let it remind you that that same child is still within you too.

Set aside time to cloud gaze一to daydream. Remind yourself to remember your curiosity. Maybe buy yourself something that you loved as a kid, to help you kickstart that forgotten joy. Get outside and spend the afternoon looking for four leaf clovers.

Quiet all the noise and listen to your heart. Tap into the parts that are begging to be seen. All of us are children on the insidewhat would your life look like if you gave these parts a platform to express themselves?

It’ll be fun, I promise.

About the Author:

Born and raised in West Virginia, you'll find Heather's heart outlined in the Appalachian mountains. She has strong passions for writing, healing, and music. She has spent much of her life spreading the message of ‘loving without conditions', all the while kicking up dirt - barefoot and dancing. While she has been an Energy Worker for over 15 years, a self-published author, and a business owner - Heather's truest love lies in being a mother...her continuous reminder of unconditional love and heartfelt laughter.

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