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Interview on Root to Crown and in Between by Heather Zeni

P: This was a great introduction into our theme of the month “Connection.” When you hear the word “connection” what do you think of? What does it mean to you?

H: I think that word can mean many things! We all want to form connections in our lives, with one another, with ourselves, with the Earth. I think as long as we remain open to connecting, we remain open to receiving.

P: I love how you break down connecting into different types of connection in this piece. How did you decide which connections to talk about and were there any that you thought about but decided not to include?

H: Yes! I honestly felt as though I could’ve written a whole book on this topic. But I wanted to stick with the few that really jumped out to me.

P: In the beginning of your post you talk about Chakras and how you base your life on them. Would you mind sharing a little of why you feel so connected to this practice and what benefits it brings into your life?

H: Discovering energy work in general changed my life. It changed the way that I looked at my past and future by focusing on the present. I learned how to live a life full of intention via the Chakra system.

P: In the section “Connect to Each Other” you talk about how easy it is for people to get lost online and lose connection with each other in the real world. How do you balance your time online and offline? Do you have any tips for those who may be struggling to find that balance?

H: I can’t say that I have this one 100% figured out. I tend to get lost in scrolling just as the next person does, but as long as you have an awareness to “unplug” and you intend to make more time for yourself offline than online, you’ll find that it comes much easier. My number one tip is to UNFOLLOW like it’s your job. Haha only follow and engage with the things that make you feel good. Don’t subscribe to the things that don’t.

P: In my blog post On Growing Up and Getting Good I talk about the concept of getting good. I noticed in your section on connecting to self you mention how important it is “to get right on the inside” in order to form healthy connections on the outside. I'm curious, what does “getting right” mean to you?

H: “Getting right” to me means giving that inner voice a chance to be heard and expressed. It means giving yourself time to heal and being gentle with yourself. It means knowing that each of us have bruises and scars on the inside, that you’re not alone and it’s ok to be vulnerable.

P: What’s the biggest takeaway you hope our audience gets from this post?

H: My biggest takeaway I hope the audience gets is feeling connected to the feeling of not always feeling connected, and to know that that’s ok.

P: And finally, what have you been up to recently and where can our audience find you?

H: I’m currently in the process of moving houses, so I’ve been busy! And as always I can be found… barefoot in a park somewhere. Haha ;)


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