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Connecting to self-love

Self Love Is A Galaxy

By Audrey Forbes

“A body is a universe…” ―Terese Marie Mailhot, Heart Berries

It’s easy to shrink into one’s existence and think we are merely a speck of stardust amidst this giant galaxy. Other times we spend comparing our light to others, or dismiss our own radiance. We forget that we humans are intricate beings, each carrying a universe inside us. Each individual person has their own childhood memories and first love experiences. Our stories stitch us together. Everything that we do and say becomes what we are. This is how we show up in the world, but we too are universes ourselves.

When we acknowledge that we hold the weight of a world inside us, we can begin the process of self love. This is the power of perception. When we shift into appreciation and admiration of our bodies, then we can foster a healthier relationship with ourselves. Through individualism, we can appreciate our own uniqueness and others as well. Self love is being tender with each element of our being. It is acknowledging our shadow self, the ugly, dark parts of us, and still saying, “I see you and I accept you.” Through positive affirmations, we can build up and empower our self image. By extending and stretching our self esteem, we learn what it means to truly love ourselves.

Treating your body as a universe means tending to each need in order to grow. Think of the different elements of your health and happiness as various planets in your universe. Name a planet for each essential. Some essentials may include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Regardless of what categories your essentials fall under, these things are the core to your world. In order for the universe to exist and function properly, the planets have to be syncretized. Even if most of your planets orbit as they should, one imbalance can throw off everything else in consequent. This exemplifies why we must be conscious of all our needs in order to maintain our self love. Life will disturb the syncreticity of our being, but through mindfulness we can always adjust accordingly.

Self love is a galaxy that we live in every day. Our actions, attitudes, and words all attribute to the world we manifest and create. Fostering balance can have positive effects on all areas of our health. Once we find inner wholeness in our own universe, we are able to expand our impact outside ourselves and into the world of others.

Image Source: Samantha Fung / @samanthafungx on Instagram

Article by: Audrey Forbes


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