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Acceptance is the Thread - Written Interview with Jesus Solis-Leon

Questions by Leonard Brattoli

Find the original post here.

L: Hi there, Jesus. First, I want to congratulate you on publishing with us as a guest writer. We are so happy to have you!

Okay, onto the questions:

Your post opens with a passage of text shaped like a needle with a thread. Where did you get this idea from, and how did you go about making this shape?

J: Hi Leonard, thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

The shaping is a motif I use in my poetry. I find that on top of the poetry itself, having an image for the brain to fixate on is critical to the way my own brain operates and the way I want to communicate. I also just like to play with dual meaning, allusion, and imagery. Beyond the art itself, the way it’s delivered is such an important factor for me.

I actually have a poetry collection set to release in a few weeks that is completely formatted to depict different images as the arch progresses.

L: After that, there is another passage, this time indented. It reads like a thesis to the larger piece. What was your inspiration for starting your post this way, or was it an idea wholly from you?

J: Yes, the idea was mine, I didn’t start with the intent of making this thesis seeming, but the more I wrote, the more I realized that there had to be parameters for each thought. The ‘thesis’ was something I wrote for myself as a reminder of concept. In the end I decided to leave it in and repeat it at the end to underline the sentiment.

Lol, I find it funny that the academic in me reads from structure, before it does content.

L: How did you create the style that you use in this blog post?

J: I wanted the readers' eyes to be caught the minute they opened the blog post, so I knew I had to start with an image poem. Once the idea was written I wanted to give context to the prose, so I wrote small intros prior. Acceptance is a large concept to approach and do justice to. So, I knew I had to take different perspectives to fully communicate the importance and inherent nature of acceptance as a state of being.

I guess you can say this was the best way I knew how to deliver all I had to say without feeling like I was telling people how to live their lives. I just wanted to tell stories from which people could derive lessons when those lessons were needed. The rest just fell into place.

L: What was one moment where you used acceptance in your life?

J: Recently, I had to practice acceptance. As I was about halfway through writing this piece, my sister had a medical emergency that landed her in the hospital for about a week and a half. It threw my whole family and we all adjusted to the situation by stepping in where we could. I spent time with her, doing overnight visits to help where I could. Being there, watching the process happen. That was scary. I had to accept the situation for what it was without letting myself think worst case scenarios.

Thankfully, I am happy to report, my sister is out of the hospital and is set to make a full recovery.

L: What lesson would you like to leave your readers with after they have seen your post?

J: As mentioned, there are quite a few lessons woven into the fabric of this piece (pun very much intended), and I hope people can take what serves them when it does and leave anything not applicable.

If I had to add anything else it would be: Remember, everything is situational and requires context. Acceptance is the only way to make it through to the other side. Accept what you see for what it is and how it holds you, but never got caught in the happenings.

The needle will pierce regardless, and the driver is yours to appoint.

L: Finally, where can our audience find you?

J: Thank you Leonard, for taking the time. People can find me on Instagram and TikTok @JezuzXP.

As I mentioned, I am set to release a poetry collection soon, entitled “Weird-Heavy”, that I would love for people to check out. It’s my telling of the queer immigrant experience, as I have known it.

Thank you, again.

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