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Acceptance is the Thread



is the


then acceptance

is the thread.

As I sow, it

occurs to me

that this

thread is is acc-

eptance. As it

flows in an

upstream direction,

I reme-

mber the

driver of the

needle is mine

mine to

appoint. The very

tip tap- ping on

the thi- mble. This

di- rection is simple

to flow in. Slamming

breaks, change brings it all

to a halt. As he

opens the car door,

stepping out, th draw

of hands is revealed.

From this position I understand

that acceptance

is the thing that



to. the wheel.

You reap what you sow.

By threading fate, actions you carry out are tied to you

and the true, actual reality, that results as a consequence.

I describe acceptance as a threading of fate to the fabric of reality; mainly because life, lovely and limitless as she might be, only functions as we join bits and pieces together – calling it a past. To accept this as fact is no option, yet so many roll that boulder up the hill, daily. For me, it’s plain as day to see that in acceptance is the only way to live.

I can recount, in vivid detail, the various times I’ve reluctantly stepped into acceptance – breaking in the process. Of these times, the most notably painful forced me to reconsider, change, and restructure the knowing of myself.