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Written Interview on "Kick Back with Lego Bricks" by Leonard Brattoli

Questions by Heather Zeni...

H: I loved your reminder to revisit an old hobby and to make time to do things you love. Do you have any other hobbies that you've rediscovered recently?

L: Thanks for asking Heather. I would say Lego collecting is the only childhood hobby that I’ve really picked up again. However, I still make time for my other interests, like video games. For example, I am planning on starting another playthrough of the Kingdom Hearts series when the 20th Anniversary happens this year.

H: What has been your hardest Lego build?

L: The hardest would be the 8538 Muaka and Kane-ra from the original Bionicle line. That was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 10, but the instructions were so confusing I had to recruit my older sister’s help. But the thing I like about Lego is that it's not very hard, especially compared to other model brands. Anyone can pick it up and have a fun, relaxing time with it. It really becomes more of a question of what kind of experience you’re looking for.

H: Have you been able to keep with giving yourself time to relax and enjoy?

L: Yep! Whenever I find free time after working hard, I make sure to fill it with activities that leave me satisfied. That way, when I head back to work, I feel much more rejuvenated.

H: What did you enjoy most about writing this piece?

L: What I enjoyed was the unexpected challenge of it. There were a lot of details that I could have written about, and even more that I would have to omit for clarity and ease of reading. It was like a puzzle, but if I had to decide what the image would be while finding the pieces. Kind of like getting a bunch of random bricks and trying to make them into a comprehensive shape. In the end, it just made this post all the more enjoyable to write.

H: Any more tips for folks that may need some extra motivation?

L: For me, motivation is based on incentives. Sometimes, my goal for writing is to make it the best thing I have written so far. Sometimes, it's the knowledge that I can take a quick nap after studying for a few hours. I think that if someone wants to explicitly find motivation, they need to set a goal of any size at the end of their task.

H: Did you end up finally finishing the Lego? If so, how long did it end up taking?

L: I did on the following Monday. I don’t think I can accurately tell you the build time, because for me the time is not an accomplishment. A lot of people like to record and compare their build times, which is good fun. However, I like to take it at my own pace. If the build needs more time than usual, that’s alright. I always make sure to balance it out with my work time, so neither aspect of my life is neglected nor over-invested.

H: And finally, what are you up to and where can our audience find you? L: I’ll be doing my usual, writing for LYF and keeping my studies up at university. Though by the time this gets posted, I might be logging into the new Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen.

As always, you can check out my posts on the Beyond Thought website and the Original Breath Builder website. And I can be found at my Instagram account, lennyoninsta72.

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