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The Summertime Problem - Interview with Leonard Brattoli

Questions by Perri McGillivray

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P: I love how you incorporate play into the onset of summer vacation and trying to figure out what to do with all your free time! How did you come up with this idea? Were there any other aspects of “play” that you thought about discussing?

L: It got the idea from my own personal experiences during summer. Usually, I have fairly tame summers. So when writing this blog post, I thought of ways that I could make my summer more satisfying, and wanted to share those with my audience.

One other aspect of play that I would have liked to elaborate on was the importance of relaxing. For some of us, what we really need is a break from the action. Even though relaxing may not feel too productive, it still has benefits.

P: I never really thought about it before, but I definitely face “The Summertime Problem” every year when summer vacation rolls around! When did you first notice and put a name to this problem? How did you come up with your strategies for addressing it?

L: I first realized it last year when I had summer classes. They were not what I needed as a person, so I wanted to find ways to make summer my own. From there, I thought of what was important to me, and came up with the strategies that I shared.

P: You mention Disco Elysium and Love in the Dunes as part of your summertime backlog this year. Do you have anything else on the backlog that you’re looking forward to?

L: Yes, I plan on finally reading the Percy Jackson books. I missed out on them as a kid and given how much praise they still get today, I figured I should at least give them a try.

P: Other than regular workouts, do you have any other plans on how to invest in yourself this summer?

L: I plan to take the time to learn a new skill. One that I’ve had my eye on is developing my online persona. Promoting your personal brand requires skill to do, so I want to find avenues that work for me. As a writer, I recommend that other creatives like me should also invest in this.

P: I loved reading about the time you spend watching TV with your parents. It’s always so special to spend time with your loved ones. How long have you and your family had this tradition of sitting down and watching shows together once a week? Have any of these shows stood out to you?

L: We’ve done it forever, I guess I would say. It helps us bond in a very comfortable setting. I think the standout was when I first watched Star Trek Voyager as a kid. It’s my mom’s favorite show and mine too.

P: Do you have any fun plans for your summer vacation this year?

L: I actually haven’t planned a vacation yet, but I hope to soon.

P: What are you hoping our audience will take away from this blog post?

L: I hope that my audience will be better able to overcome the Summertime Problem. It can be tough to reinvent your routines. But if you're willing to try something new, it can yield great results.

P: And, as always, where can our audience find you?

L: As always, you can find my posts on the Beyond Thought website and the Original Breath Builder website. And I can be found at my Instagram account, lennyoninsta72.

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