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Interview on “Soundscape Escape: The Synergy of Music and Writing” by Leonard Brattoli

Questions by Selina Wells

S: Hi Lenny! You start off your post by talking about how “Divide My Heart” by Daisuke Ishiwatari and Naoki Hashimoto could be the theme song of your life. This month’s theme is about “focus," and I was hoping you could talk more about how this particular song keeps you focused? What does the word “focus” mean to you?

L: Thanks Selina! The reason that this niche song keeps me focused is because of the feeling it gives me. Sometimes, I feel that my life is misguided. Like I wasn’t sure where I was going. But through this song, I realized how much I have accomplished in life. How the things I learned and picked up everyday led me to become who I am.

S: I really loved that you talked about music and the way it is intertwined in your life. What really resonated with me is how it influences you. Can you elaborate on how it has influenced you? Does it only influence your writing?

L: Like many people, music plays a role in my day to day life. It can help change my demeanor and how I approach my day. Like, when I drive to work, I sometimes like to put on a peppy song to get ready for the day ahead. I guess that's also how my music taste influences things outside of my writing.

S: You mention that certain video game music inspires different scenes for your writing. Is video game music the only way you can focus on your writing?

L: I would say it’s my central means for obtaining focus while writing. I have done it for so long, it has turned from habit to tradition. As I’ve said in my post, video game music allows me to further develop my writing’s tone and my personal mindset.

S: Can you give our readers an in-depth example of what you’re talking about when it comes to setting the tone for the scenes in your writing? Is there anything you’re working on that comes to mind?

L: I like to keep some of my current projects private at the time being, but that does remind me of one example. Once when I was writing a horror story, I put on some eerie tunes from the “Destiny” series. This helped me to get more engaged in the story. I think when I revisit it, I’ll use some of the new songs from “The Witch Queen” expansion.

S: What journey are you embarking on currently?

L: That journey would be the journey any college student goes through. Learning new things, overcoming new challenges, and growing as a person.

S: What do you hope our readers will take away from your post?

L: I want my readers to feel creatively motivated and to rethink how they approach their creative endeavors, so that they can experience new things.

S: Last but certainly not least, where can our readers find you?

L: As always, you can find my posts on the Beyond Thought website and the Original Breath Builder website. And I can be found at my Instagram account, lennyoninsta72.

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