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A Necessary Deconstruction of the “Summertime Problem” - Interview with Leonard Brattoli

Questions by Hadiya Mehdi

Find the original post here.

H: Hi Lenny! I loved reading your blog and I thought it was so great to see your growth and your mindset changing from how you initially felt about the “Summertime Problem” in the beginning of the summer compared to how you feel about it now, now that summer is coming to a close.

And on that note, what was your favorite part of the summer?

L: Hi Hadiya. I’m glad you enjoyed my newest post. As for my favorite part of summer, I would say it’s being able to travel. I love seeing places that are new to me, and with all the time that summer gives me, I can travel near-worry free.

H: In your post, you mentioned that you made a list of sorts to ensure that your summer “would be fulfilling,” but yet, you are returning to school “imminent.” Looking back at your blog post, after having written it, do you still feel that this is the case?

L: I feel more satisfied about what my summer was like now that I have written this post. I recognized all the things I did achieve, and feel excited to do everything that I still have to accomplish. I think my feelings expressed in both posts can coexist, they just have to balance each other out.

H: What advice would you give your past self, specifically to the one who wrote "The Summertime Problem" in the beginning of the summer?

L: My advice would be to go with the flow. Don’t force things that you want, rather let them come to you naturally. More often than not, things just happened to work out.

H: How big of a role did burnout play in your feeling that you did not enjoy your summer to its fullest extent and in what ways do you overcome this obstacle?

L: Honestly, for the first month I didn’t want to do anything at all. I couldn’t even stomach the idea of going out to socialize because of how overwhelmed I felt last semester. To overcome this obstacle, I set the time aside to actually rest. Once I did that, I actually started to feel better.

H: Knowing what you know now, how do you plan to tackle this “Summertime Problem” next year?

L: In my experience, it’s best not to look too far ahead in the future. What I will be doing, however, is enjoying my upcoming semester and taking the opportunities that it may present to me.

H: Lastly, where can our audience find you?

L: You can follow me on instagram at @lennyoninsta72, and you can find a selection of my other blog posts here.

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