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Who Are We?


What We Do

The Love Yourself Foundation (LYF) is a Nevada-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that creates a bridge of healing for people, aiding them to increase self-love. By incorporating the arts, LYF creates a compassionate online and in-person platform through workshops, events and digital content that encourages the healing of an individual, the community, and the planet. We acknowledge the difficulty of taking this journey on your own, which is why we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help not only spread the message of self-love, but also build a community around it

How We Do It

Currently, you can find weekly blog posts, monthly newsletters, podcast episodes, community events, featured art and music from around the world, recommend books and readings to help you on your journey of self love, and much much more!

Why We Do It

Many societies throughout the world are seeking external sources of love, when in reality, our biggest and most profound love stories begin with ourselves. The Love Yourself Foundation is here to help make the journey to self-love and self-acceptance more fun and exciting. Uncovering your true self is not an easy task, but it certainly will be the best challenge you will ever face in your lifetime. Once you face, learn to love, and accept yourself, you will find that life will start to feel like it is working with you not against you. 

The Love Yourself Foundation hopes to help folks find their authenticity in pursuit of living the life of your dreams. We believe with our whole heart that by people loving themselves, they will start to love their fellow humans, and ultimately start loving and caring for Mama Earth. The environment is facing a severe amount of turmoil and it is a reflection of how the vast majority is treating themselves and others. We believe that by starting to be the change, we can make massive shifts in this planet for the better. The missing ingredient is love… and we have a whole lot of love to share.

Love & Light,
The Love Yourself Foundation Team

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