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Our History



Making of the Logo

Our logo reflects the values that we hold dear.

The Logo All Together

Earth Within

Yin-Yang Balance

The Heart

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The yin/yang represents the balance that we strive for in all things, recognizing that there is good and bad in everything. 

The heart symbolizes our love for ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

The colors reflect our connection to the earth and our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Designed by Sonia Barcelona

Spring 2023

Executed First Team Building Workshops With Makers & Finders and Honest Hospitality
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Love Yourself Foundation Founded

July 2018

LYF Website and Social Media Launch

December 2018

First Love Yourself Expression Event Produced


Increased the Amount of Community Events


Formal Partnership with UNLV and Internship Program

Fall 2020

Obtained the Nevada State License for Nonprofit Designation

Fall 2021

 Federally Recognized as a 501c3 Nonprofit

Spring 2021

Return to Events With Socially Distanced

LYF Self Expression

Spring 2022

Oddfellows LYF Dance Event

Our History

The Love Yourself Foundation was founded with a simple but powerful idea: by investing in our own self-love and well-being, we can create a better world for everyone. Our team has experienced firsthand the challenges of feeling isolated and struggling with mental health issues, and we know how important it is to have a supportive community to turn to.

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In the Future...

Advocacy, Conferences, Direct Services, Programming and More
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Our Values

Discover Our 10 Core Values: Inspired by the Zappos Framework, our organization embraces a set of core values that guide our mission to promote mental wellness and positivity. These values serve as the foundation of our community, and we believe that by embodying them, we can create a more compassionate and connected world.

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Live Our Self-Love Mission

The Love Yourself Foundation’s mission is to create a bridge of healing for people, aiding them to increase self-love. We want this for all who work at LYF. The path to loving yourself is not an easy journey. It is long and
arduous, but we hope to create an environment where you can begin to find this path. Use your time at LYF to begin looking inward at yourself. Reflect on your journey and how much you’ve achieved along the way.


Do not be afraid to express yourself. Do not be afraid to embrace what makes you unique. Oftentimes we try to find ways in which we are similar to other people—it comes with the urge to fit in. However, here at LYF we are striving to be different. We want all of our team members to love themselves for all the reasons they’re different. It is okay if you are still learning how to love yourself. Here at LYF, we will give you a safe space to start your journey of self-love.

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Express Vulnerability and Compassion

Vulnerability and compassion are often associated with weakness. That is not true. If anything, vulnerability and compassion are signs of strength. Our main goal here at LYF is to help people. In order to reach out to others, we have to reach back to them. Vulnerability and compassion is needed to maintain our genuineness.

It isn’t easy to express your true emotions to those around you. You may meet people in your life who make it hard for you to feel compassion. Even in those moments, we have to remain open-hearted. We must look at the world through a filter of compassion. Everyone is struggling with something and we have to be aware of that. Our job is to make people feel safe to express and work through their concerns no matter what they are.

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Embrace Honesty & Practice Open Communication

Creating relationships is an important part of LYF and that means honesty and open communication is essential. And when we say relationships we mean genuine relationships based on authenticity and trust. At LYF, we work together as a family. A big part of that is being open with your teammates and not being afraid to voice your opinions.


Additionally, we also want you to be honest with yourself. Self-honesty might be one of the hardest things to accomplish. So often we tell ourselves lies to feel better about the situations life puts us in. We tell ourselves that we’re happy when we’re not and that we’re content when we’re miserable. In times like those, we have to remember to be honest with ourselves so
that we can work towards a better future for ourselves.

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Be a Strong Teammate & Work as a Family

It should be no surprise that teamwork is a vital part of LYF. We operate with a holacracy structure. A holacracy is a system of corporate governance whereby members of a team or business form distinct, autonomous, yet
symbiotic, teams to accomplish tasks and company goals. While we do still have a hierarchy, tasks are shared amongst team members with one team lead in each team.


While we all have individual jobs we are all responsible for, all of our work adds together into the greater goal of LYF. The work of every team member matters. This is why it's important to be a good teammate. You never work alone here. This is why we say that we work as a family. If you need any help, your teammates will be there to help you. You don’t have to struggle alone. Never be afraid to ask for help from any one of us.

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Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Own Well Being

One of the biggest parts about self love is taking care of yourself. Many times we will go out of our way to help other people. While that’s perfectly fine, make sure you can take care of yourself before taking care of anybody else. One of the worst ways you can harm yourself is by tearing yourself apart for the benefit of others.


In these cases, airplane oxygen mask rules go. Put on your own mask before helping others. You can’t stand on your own if you’re helping everyone else. If you want to effectively help people to the best of your ability, you have to be able to help yourself first. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself. Take a step back and reevaluate if you need to. Your own well being is your responsibility.

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Practice Empathy & Respect With Yourself & Others

Sincere interactions are at the heart of practicing empathy in the workplace. When teammates share their goals, hopes, and dreams, the team listens with genuine care and concern.


Different perspectives are more than welcome. LYF values the input of all members. Believe in yourself enough to share your ideas with the team!


Be able and willing to imagine yourself in the situation of another. Be willing and able to love and respect others, like you love and respect yourself. Things happen. Life happens. As a member of the LYF team, you understand
that plans don’t always work out like imagined. In times like this, it’s important to practice empathy and respect for ourselves and others.


Be willing to lend a hand when a teammate expresses problems outside of the workplace. Be willing to express with the team when you’re going through a tough time.

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Stay Rooted in Love & Gratitude

LYF values team members that take the time to practice love & gratitude for their current experience. No matter what, we can always be grateful for something in our lives. Practicing gratitude opens our heart to experiencing
a love and empathy mindset.


Be grateful for your coworkers. Not for how valuable they are to the team but grateful for them for who they are as a person. Love your coworker like you love yourself.


Be open to feeling vulnerable in the workplace. Love and Gratitude for each other begins when we can share parts of our lives with our team. LYF welcomes team members to build genuine connections with each other.

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Work for Quality Not Quantity

Work-life balance is important. LYF is dedicated to creating a flexible work environment that suits each team member’s goals, values, and time needed outside of work to recenter. LYF does not expect team members to work 100% of their time. Where does this leave time for self love and mental health practices that contribute to overall well being? By creating a healthy work life environment, LYF hopes this translates to high quality work being produced by team members. Quality of work depends on happy people. When the workday is done, LYF encourages teammates to get out there, play, and be inspired by the world around them. This mindset in turn fosters quality work, over quantity of hours input.

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Choose Sustainability

LYF envisions a world where people are able to live in harmonious balance with the Earth and its natural resources. By giving others the resources needed to increase their self love, LYF hopes to empower others to build a better relationship with the environment. Self love is rebuilding the connection with the light within ourselves. By being able to reconnect with this innate energy from within, LYF hopes the lessons learned while on a self love journey can be applied toward an improved relationship with the earth.


Unfortunately, the earth’s natural resources are not infinite. Presently, human existence is living beyond the capacity the Earth is able to sustain long-term. The steps required to get back on track with sustainability and on
a global scale are still many. But everything begins with ourselves and what we value. LYF values sustainability because we love the planet that sustains the lives we get the opportunity to live everyday. Thank you Mother Earth!

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Be Open, Adventurous, Creative, and Never Stop Learning!

Be Open: As a LYF team member you are open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. You are able to have your beliefs challenged and still be respectful towards others. You are able to handle being wrong. You are curious about the topic at hand. You are humble of your knowledge and expertise.

Adventurous: Be able to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. Work doesn’t have to be a draining experience. It CAN be fun and still be productive. Teams that have fun together, stay together!

Creative: LYF values the unique colors of every team member. LYF prides itself in being able to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows teammates to be innovative and imaginative in their work. LYF wants
teammates to always be connected with their imagination to make way for original new ideas that help the foundation grow.

Never Stop Learning: Growth happens over time. Everyday we can learn something new. Be eager to improve and get better. Learn from others, learn from your mistakes, seek out new knowledge. Teach others what you have learned.

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